Do you want to market your business on Instagram?

Do you want to market your Business on Instagram but don’t know where to start and what to do? We would like to share a few useful tips with you to grow your business on Instagram. Go through our 8 top tips below and start engaging with your followers today!

Tip 1 – Get to know your audience

You have to understand what your followers like. This can be achieved by using a monitoring tool to see what they are talking about, and tailor your posts to your market. You can also take some time every week to look at the profiles of a few of your followers to determine whom else they are following, which posts they interact with and what their interests are. Be sure to listen to your audience to better understand them.

Tip 2 – It’s all about the hashtags

Use relevant hashtags by identifying appropriate hashtags and leveraging them to your advantage. Don’t try to piggyback on irrelevant hashtags. Research general hashtags for your business and remember to create branded hashtags to use in your post. Instagram has certain blocked hashtags, which will result in your posts not showing up in feeds, so remember to only use hashtags that are relevant to your post and business.

Tip 3 – Determine the best time to post

Your audience isn’t online all the time. Look at your Instagram Analytics to get the best insights. You can also use tools like SocialBro, Hootsuite, and Mention to know when your target audience is engaged. When you post matters.

Tip 4 – Create eye-catching, beautiful visuals

Instagram is all about images, so you will have to ensure that what your post is suitable to be on an image network. There are many tools to use to make your imagery more attractive, such as filters and photo editing tools. Images must be of high quality, so you can consider hiring designers or photographers. There are also many websites where you can source free and paid-for stock images. ‘Quote pictures’ are a favourite on Instagram and often attract a variety of followers.

Tip 5 – Add Calls-to-Action

It is, however, not just about beautiful imagery. Add a Call-to-Action to your posts to assist your audience in understanding what you would want them to do next. Examples include Share, Help, How to, Follow, Shop, etc. You can ask your followers to share or tag a friend. You can use the links in your bio to get your followers to complete certain actions; just remember to direct them to the relevant links in your posts.

Tip 6 – Storytelling

You can use the Stories Feature on Instagram to communicate your message to your audience. This feature allows you to share a string of images or videos and customise them to bring your message across. You can save stories as highlights on your profile and create various categories, to ensure that your stories do not vanish from your feed within 24 hours. Remember to use relevant hashtags and tags in your stories, to gain more momentum. You can also consider doing live streams if this is relevant to your business to interact with your followers in real-time.

Tip 7 – Add a personal touch

Remember that your audience are humans and are exposed to an abundance of content every day. Address your audience by their names and communicate in a conversational tone. Make your posts relatable, fun and interesting. Share your users posts, especially when they tag you and interact with them in a natural way.

Tip 8 – Hiring Influencers

You can also consider hiring influencers to create their own posts featuring your products or services and to share your posts. It is vital to hire influencers that have a follower base that actually engages with them – many influencers buy followers and engagements, so ensure that you fully analyse their profiles before investing time and money into them. Often Micro Influencers are more relevant and useful for your marketing purposes than Macro Influencers.

We hope that you have enjoyed our tips on marketing better on Instagram! Please share any additional tips and tricks with us!